From Today… New Lancashire brand encourages customers to recognise life’s little moments

Based in Lancashire and made in England, From Today… was created by a group of professional women juggling the demands of life, work and family who were searching for ways to thoughtfully recognise the moments in the lives of their friends and loved ones.

Conventionally big milestones like weddings, babies and new homes are commonly celebrated, but what about everything else? What about equally important moments in people’s lives such as quitting a job, leaving a toxic relationship, or finding a new passion?

Driven by thoughtfulness, inclusivity, and empowerment and to help celebrate those ‘just because’ moments, the team have crafted collections of candles, diffusers, hand washes and lotions in three fragrance families:

Calming- Bergamot, Fig & Ginger

Lovingly crafted to soothe and tranquilise the senses, the Calming collection honours those precious moments of peace, relaxation, and reflection that are so vital in our busy lives. From Today… understand the profound value of serenity and the need to nurture a calm and balanced spirit. The fragrances chosen for this range have been thoughtfully curated to promote tranquillity and ease, creating an atmosphere that invites you to unwind, breathe, and embrace the gentle feeling of calm.

Energising- Cucumber, Grapefruit & Magnolia and Citrus, Lemongrass & Orange Blossom

The Energising collection is crafted to invigorate and awaken the senses, inspiring the moments when you embark on a new challenge or pursue a fresh goal. From Today…recognise the vitality and drive that fuels every ambition, and the importance of energising the soul to push boundaries. The scents selected for this range have been meticulously curated to infuse energy and vigour, constructing an ambiance that catalyses motivation and determination.

Uplifting- Black Pepper, Bitter Orange & Neroli and Sandalwood, Cedar & Plum

From Today’s Uplifting range is designed to celebrate the moments of joy, positivity, and personal victories, appreciating the importance of uplifting one’s spirit and fostering a sense of accomplishment. The fragrances chosen for this range have been carefully curated to stimulate positivity and enthusiasm, creating an environment of optimism.

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